Sword and Salt is a small, independent publisher that’s dedicated to bringing you fifth edition adventures where the wilds of the world are places of savagery and sorcery that only a few dare venture into. They are adventures where civilization cowers against sunken coastlines, bleak mountains and treacherous bogs. They are adventures where you will face perils beyond the ken of humanity outside those settlements. And they are adventures where the perils within them can be just as great. Carefully crafted and beautifully written, they will bring to your tabletop tales of the grim-fantastic that can fit into any campaign world. For more information on what we’re working on be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Sean Holman is a journalism professor and history PhD student during the week, as well as a pulp fantasy and role-playing adventure writer on the weekends. Living in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Sean spent most of his career as an award-winning investigative journalist, exposing government corruption. However, he’s been fascinated by fantasy games ever since he saw the cover of the Dungeons and Dragons Companion Set in a local bookstore. Growing up, Sean spent more time reading the rules for those games than actually playing them. But he’s now sharing his imagining with the gaming community.